Japanese Nursing Care VR Training Program 

Quick and easy-to-understand VR training program for caregiver trainees


With this VR program, caregiver trainee can experience Japanese nursing care skills before actually going to Japan. Caregiver trainee will be able to meet the requirements for nursing qualification of Japan in a shorter amount of time with high quality education. 

Experience is the Best way to learn

Quickly pick up Japanese style of nursing skills with CareVR

Easy to understand

Equal education to everyone

learn japanese as well

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Attract more students to the school &
Send more students to Japan in a shorter time with less cost

Current situations

Educational Institutions outside Japan

Struggles to educate & send trainees

Pre-education is necessary to send trainees to Japan.

However, many face difficulties educating at their home country  


Some classes held in training school is in Japanese. Students may face problems understanding the subtle meaning and slows down the speed of education.


Students are not familiar with the world of nursing care and Japanese culture behind it. Therefore, students need to be taught from the basic cultural difference. 


There are not many teachers who can teach the whole program by themselves. Also each class can only teach limited number of students.

Receiving Organizaions in Japan

Work accidents of trainees is increasing

Many accidents occur due to lack of education, which leads to a bad reputations of the sending organizations 

CareVR solves these problems with high technology training program

Examples of VR program

Nursing care skills

communication skills

trouble shooting skills

Why use CareVR?

Can switch languages as you wish 

Can control 10 headsets with 1 iPad

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